Mar. 19th, 2011

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Blaine/Puck | Teach you something new: FILL by [ profile] devonwood
Blaine/Mike | Abs: by [ profile] crackedaglet (with a sequel!)
Blaine/Sam | Uniform:
FILL by [ profile] batintheattic & FILL by [ profile] hazyjayne
Mike/Wes | Authority: FILL by [ profile] joyful
Brittany | Motorcycle: ART FILL by [ profile] seekintoyou & by [ profile] joyful
Santana/Quinn | Hickey: ART FILL by [ profile] naderegen
Any ND girl | lingerie: SO MANY FILLS by [ profile] naderegen
Tina | Catholic school girl: ART FILL by [ profile] naderegen
Rachel/Blaine | Pegging: FILL by [ profile] abluegirl
Blaine/Puck | Bad boys: FILL by [ profile] devonwood
Kurt/Blaine | Domestic: FILL by [ profile] singingblonde16 & ANOTHER FILL by [ profile] threepwillow
Kurt/Blaine | Genderswap, First kiss: ART FILL by [ profile] naderegen
Blaine/Will | Similarities: FILL by [ profile] lil_miss_choc
Blaine/Anyone | Corset: KURT/BLAINE FILL by [ profile] lextempus & BLAINE+KURT+RACHEL FRIENDSHIP FILL by [ profile] joyful
Blaine/Finn | Premature ejaculation: FILL by [ profile] caroline_shea
Blaine/Anyone | Blaine in the cheerio's uniform: PUCK/BLAINE FILL by [ profile] caroline_shea
Blaine | Fingering: WILL/BLAINE FILL by [ profile] lil_miss_choc
Blaine/Kurt | Hair pulling: FILL by [ profile] joyful & ANOTHER FILL by [ profile] threepwillow
Blaine/Everyone | Summer vacation: FILL by [ profile] pterawaters
Blaine/Kurt | Practicing your sexy faces: FILL by [ profile] blaqkheaven
Mike/Lauren | Toucha toucha touch me: FILL by [ profile] escritoireazul

Blaine/Puck | ball sucking, NC17: while in juvenile detention, Puck's cell mate is this kid named Blaine. FILL

Blaine/Kurt | knowledge, PG-13: Kurt's always known that there was something a little off about Blaine, but ever since Pavarotti's death, it's really become obvious. FILL (Warning: serial killer!Blaine)

Jeremiah + Jesse | Jesse is Jeremiah's hag, PG: Jeremiah's POV on the Gap Attack. Jeremiah needs a little help from his friend Jesse to deal with Blaine. FILL

Blaine/Kurt | college fic, PG: Kurt and Blaine are looking for a college that fits their needs. FILL

Jesse/Kurt | gay bar, PG: Jesse wants to take Kurt to a gay bar. FILL (Warning: crack)

Blaine/Kurt | dirty talking, R: Kurt wants Blaine to talk dirty. FILL

Blaine/Kurt | AU fashion designer!Kurt plus model!Blaine, PG: Kurt designs clothes specifically for Blaine. FILL

Lauren/Puck | oral fixation, PG-13: Lauren is, without a doubt, the most flirtatious, intentionally seductive, highly attractive cock tease of a woman that Puck has ever met. FILL

Blaine/Mike | unrequited love, PG: FILL 1 (Blaine was at Asian summer camp when Mike and Tina got together.) FILL 2 (Mike thinks Blaine is a really nice guy.)


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