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Special thanks goes to those who filled my prompts! ♥
* cowboys by [livejournal.com profile] unworthiesthand and [livejournal.com profile] ashmole
* insomnia/"can't sleep without you next to me" by [livejournal.com profile] heartsasmagnets, [livejournal.com profile] lextempus, [livejournal.com profile] artsnletters and [livejournal.com profile] dreamsofspike
* Blaine with wings by [livejournal.com profile] naderegen, [livejournal.com profile] momoda6, [livejournal.com profile] lextempus and [livejournal.com profile] sullyvann (The thread linked is pretty awesome, including but not limited to UNEXPECTED PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN CROSSOVER.)
* A blowjob by [livejournal.com profile] lextempus, [livejournal.com profile] wordplay, [livejournal.com profile] pyroclastic, [livejournal.com profile] devonwood, and [livejournal.com profile] threepwillow
* Fight Club by [livejournal.com profile] lextempus, [livejournal.com profile] 8ways, and [livejournal.com profile] _afterism
* Chris Colfer: low slung jeans by [livejournal.com profile] 8ways and [livejournal.com profile] gingerrstar
* Pygmalion where Blaine is the statue and Kurt is the sculptor by [livejournal.com profile] lextempus

Ratings: Various (anywhere from PG to NC-17)

1: Midnight kiss

With the countdown beating around his head through a slightly punch-soaked haze, Kurt felt the leaden weight of dread settle in him along with the thought that he was never going to get that New Year's kiss at this rate -- especially when Blaine was standing next to him, ignorant of Kurt's feelings even as he took shallow sips from his plastic cup.

Courage, thought Kurt fiercely because it was now or never-


The kiss was clumsy with Blaine not really seeing it coming and Kurt tangled up with his high strung nerves. Embarrassed at the outcome but not for having done it, Kurt backed off immediately -- only to have Blaine reel him right back in.

"Countdown's not over yet," said Blaine very quickly. "You should really try again."

2. Revolutionary Girl Utena

Kurt was trembling when Blaine approached him, though it was hard to tell whether it was because of rage over what he'd discovered about Blaine's involvement with the Duelists or because of fear over having been forced into his first real encounter because of an argument. Either way, he looked absolutely dashing with a sword.

Blaine pinned the rose to Kurt's lapel with all due gentleness and smoothed down the front of his jacket. "Don't show fear," he said in a surreptitious whisper. "Keep your blade up. He favors his left side and will try to feint first to make this a quick fight."

The other boy's surprise at Blaine's aid was sharp. "What are you doing?"

"Pre-battle conversation," Blaine suggested quietly, smiling in a perfectly polite way. "I'll be waiting."

3. Kurt has hiccups and nothing he does stops them. Blaine does.

(Fill was a full length fic. Click the prompt for the post.)

4. Blaine masturbating

There were days when Kurt wondered if the boy he'd half transferred to Dalton for was anything less than the embodiment of unruffled professionalism once he was on school grounds. Kurt supposed that he needn't have worried, though the reassurance he got was more than he'd expected.

He wasn't about to erase from his mind the image he now had of Blaine -- sweaty and gasping as he jerked at the hard length of his cock with one hand while the other slid up his stomach to play with his nipples. Most of all, though, he would treasure the sound he'd heard Blaine make -- that sweetly high keening whine around Kurt's name.

5. Werewolf!Blaine and Vampire!Kurt

Kurt slept very deeply during the day, which meant that nothing but the most dire circumstances could wake him, and by then it would be too late. It was a comfort for both of them to have Blaine on watch during the hours of sunlight and if Kurt woke up to the Wolf leaning over him, bruised and still burning inside from where the silver bullets were stuck, well... Neither of them said anything about Kurt's hunt being extra ferocious, those nights.

6. Cats

(Fill was a full length fic. Click the prompt for the post.)

7. Jesse steals one of both of our boys' New Years kisses.

Though usually Kurt regarded Jesse with a sort of fond ambivalence, tonight, the former member of Vocal Adrenaline was officially on his shit-list. It had nothing to do with how he'd crashed the Warbler's New Year's party and everything to do with how he'd done so exactly three seconds to midnight by slinging his arms around Kurt and Blaine, crying Happy new year, you crazy love birds! and then kissing the both of them in turn.

8. Inception AU. Blaine is the Extractor and Kurt is the Subject.

The Mark is open and trusting -- putty in his hands, really -- and when Blaine asks, "Do you trust me?" with what's hopefully a convincing squint, Kurt replies, breathlessly, "Of course."

9. Art of Blaine with Wings by [livejournal.com profile] naderegen

Kurt almost didn't notice that Blaine was naked, as distracted as he was by the fact that there were wings -- big, sleek, feathered things -- sprouting from the older boy's back. But it was hard to favor one aspect over the whole picture when they framed Blaine's dark head of hair, when the lines of fragile bird-bone actually threaded under the bare skin of his back for a few inches... when the longest feathers swung down to brush at Blaine's knees.

"What is this?" Kurt whispered, reaching out.

Blaine turned, kind of hiding behind one wing. He looked bashful in the few glimpses Kurt caught of his face. The wing trembled under Kurt's hand when he touched it, but Blaine didn't move away at all -- just shook and let Kurt's fingers tangle in his feathers.

"Do you always have them?" Kurt asked. Blaine nodded, then shook his shoulders in such a way that his wings actually fluffed more. Kurt licked his lips and pressed close to Blaine's back. "Can I?"

Voice calm, like he knew exactly what Kurt was asking and wanted it -- or maybe like he didn't know but didn't care about what it was, so long as Kurt wanted it -- Blaine replied with, "Please," and leaned into Kurt's space.

He couldn't say that he expected a difference -- no more than the usual shift from smooth skin to the scratchy drag of feathers -- but Blaine sighed into his touch like he wanted it. Feeling daring and encouraged, Kurt dropped his hands to Blaine's hips and then found the crease between shoulder and wing with his mouth.

"Ah!" Blaine startled, arching and reaching to cover Kurt's hands with his own.

Kurt's fingers squeezed around Blaine's hips and, relentless, he nibbled over the fine little bones that were stitched into the shoulder blade until the wings were in spasm, stretching out to either side and shaking so hard that the feathers were actually rattling. Kurt wanted to know if Blaine was hard from this, if this is what he'd thought he was agreeing to when he'd said please, and so he moved one hand around Blaine's waist -- through the smattering of fine hair across his stomach -- to where the other boy's cock was rising at attention.

Blaine's voice choked off, mid-sound, as Kurt wrapped his hand around him, and his wings beat a tense rhythm to match. Kurt tried to keep watch -- tried to do more than pull Blaine closer and sink his teeth into Blaine's shoulder -- but it was difficult with the long main bones of Blaine's wings twisting between them. Then Blaine's length was pulsing in the circle of Kurt's palm and he was sagging into Kurt's arms with limp wings and a heavy breath.

"That was-" Kurt started, sinking to the floor with Blaine against him.

"Unexpected?" Blaine suggested breathlessly.

"The wings, yes," Kurt agreed, kissing the corner of Blaine's brow. "The rest? Not so much."

10. Mobster!Blaine / Kurt likes the danger

(Fill was a full-length fic. Click the prompt for the post.)

11. Kurt and Blaine both ship Arthur/Eames from Inception

They sat together, tense after seeing the the freight train slam into the car with Ariadne and Cobb, and they grew tenser still with anticipation as gunfire railed against the cab Arthur was driving was such ferocity. When Arthur twisted around and shouted ("Get him!") Blaine and Kurt's fingers tangled tightly. Then Eames whipped up from the rear seat of the cab to fire once, twice in quick succession at the militarized projection trapped by Arthur's vicious driving.

"Are you alright?" asked Arthur, urgently.

Though tense for a moment, Eames' reply was calm and assuring: "Yeah, I'm alright. I'm okay. I'm okay."

"So married," Kurt whispered, leaning toward Blaine while his eyes were glued to the screen.

"Totally," Blaine agreed, also leaning in. Then even more surreptitiously: "So having hurt comfort sex after this job."

Renting Inception for the monthly Warbler Movie Night was the best decision ever.

12. First-time Kurt rimming Blaine

Kurt thought it would be super awkward at first. It was, though not for the reasons he'd expected. For instance, there was some fumbling to find the right position until they settled with Blaine on his knees and Kurt kneeling behind him, and just getting started at the whole process was kind of like forcing himself to take a running leap over a cliff. Even knowing he had a guaranteed safe landing -- Blaine said he wouldn't be upset if Kurt ended up not liking it and that he'd never experienced it before, despite being curious, so there were no standards to live up to -- Kurt thought his heart might hammer out of his chest, he was so nervous about putting his mouth there.

Blaine promised that he'd washed himself thoroughly -- with a meaningful, pointed look as if to say that he could not get much cleaner than he was in that moment -- and when Kurt got closer, kissing his way down Blaine spine, there was nothing really deterring him. What was the big deal anyway, Kurt asked himself mulishly, when he'd had his fingers there and his cock there. His mouth wouldn't be too much of a hardship and neither would his tongue.

Gathering some courage, Kurt made the first touch a daring one: a long, heavy sweep of his tongue from perineum to opening. Blaine jerked immediately, head dropping with a harsh gasp.

"You okay?" Kurt asked as he tried to figure out whether the taste was something he disliked.

"Yeah," sighed Blaine, rather heavily, like he was having some difficulty doing anything more than melting into the mattress. "You?"

Kurt's reply was sort of absentminded because he was already spreading Blaine's cheeks wider with his hands and leaning in for another go. So when he said, "Yeah," it ghosted over Blaine's hole just before Kurt kissed it.

The muscle twitched under his lips and Kurt tentatively gave it a teasing lick, pressing harder than he had before. Blaine went tense and still, moaning helplessly while Kurt's tongue ran over the ribbed muscle. It was pretty amazing to be able to elicit this kind of response out of Blaine, Kurt thought, nibbling the curve of Blaine's ass briefly before sliding his mouth back to what he was meant to focus on. Blaine was typically so quiet, only voicing his pleasure in more than gasps and hitched breaths when he was caught off guard. Kurt found that he liked being able to rip away Blaine's inhibitions this way -- moreso because the reaction was so unexpected to both of them.

Kurt's name slipped from Blaine's mouth like a mantra -- over and over -- and he squirmed backwards with such persistence that Kurt finally had to grab his hips to hold him still. There might be bruises in the morning, but if the way Blaine's cock twitched was any indication, he wouldn't mind in the least.

It was even sort of exhilarating for Kurt to slip his tongue into Blaine, to spear it past the trembling circle of muscle until it was clenching around him. He could withdraw with a smacking, wet kiss and then go right back in, knowing that Blaine would be wetter than before, that each press of his tongue made him looser and more vocal.

Blaine's voice tightened into a sharp whimper and one of his hands reached back to squeeze around Kurt's knee. "Kurt," he pleaded and god, Kurt had never heard him sound so absolutely wrecked. "Kurt, I'm-"

Kurt didn't even hesitate this time. He pressed his mouth to Blaine's opening and sucked hard at the slicked up skin until it was red, until it was purpling into a hickey. Blaine shouted -- he shouted and unleashed a ragged, shaking moan as he came.

"Wow," said Kurt, bracing himself on his hands over Blaine, who had sagged right into bed, wet spot and all, when Kurt had released him. "Good?"

Blaine covered one of Kurt's hands with his own and patted it with a sated kind of happiness. "I think," he murmured. "I think that goes without saying."

13. Easy like Sunday morning

In his youth, Kurt had thought things would be easier once they got this far. It's not that things aren't great. Blaine is as welcoming and as loving and as wonderful as Kurt could have expected, but most mornings, they're just too busy -- what with Blaine running to this audition or that and Kurt prepping for dress rehearsals with his models -- to do anything more than a quick kiss as they part ways in the garage park.

But Sundays.

Sundays belong to them by sheer force of will. They pack their responsibilities in from Monday morning through Saturday night without complaint because they know they can come back to this.

For just one day a week, they lock the world away and spend it at home together. Cell phones on silent and computers shut down. It's breakfast in bed and lazily wrapping around each other under the sheets. It's black and white movies from Kurt's collection in the afternoon and Blaine softly crooning love songs into Kurt's hair in the evening.

It's this easy, breathtaking reminder that, no matter how tough they have it chasing their dreams, they always have this.

14a-c. One or both are pirates... (Multiple fills)

"What do you think?" Captain Hummel asked as he took the hat off the captured Captain's head and put it on his own. He flicked his finger at the overlarge feather sweeping beyond it. "Does it suit me?"

Captain Anderson seemed to eye him critically from where he was bound to the mast. "It'd look better on my cabin floor."


"You didn't really think that you could escape that easily," said Captain Hummel. He was smiling as he leaned against the mast, seemingly mindless of the way his hip was against the ropes that bound Blaine, forcing them tighter. "You know that I can't afford to have a stowaway on my ship, even one as handsome as you."


"It's not just a ship," explained the pirate in front of Blaine. He was leaning against the prow of the ship with the wind whipping through his hair. His gaze was distant and a little watery as he looked into the setting sun. "It's not just about the wind in its sails or the open ocean."

Blaine stepped forward, sorely tempted to follow this pirate -- this captain -- and take the offer of a place on his crew. Whatever the life pirates lead, it was clear this one enjoyed it.

"It's about freedom," said the pirate, turning to look at Blaine at last. His bangs fell slightly in his eyes and, almost delicately, the pirate swept his fingers through them, sliding them back into place before continuing his explanation. "It's about no one ever telling you what you can do or what you can be or who you can be with."

"Freedom," Blaine echoed, wonderingly.

"Absolutely," the captain said.

Blaine smiled and turned to look into the sunset, at the bright orange glow it gave the calm waters of the sea. Very suddenly, he longed to chase it.

15. Felching, anyone?

Kurt shudders as a moan works itself out from his throat, which seems to be closed so tight as tense and trembling as he is. Blaine rubs soothing circles at the small of Kurt's back with one hand while the other spreads him wider.

"Relax," Blaine says. It's a hot gust of air across his opening. "I've almost got it all."

16. THIS MEME. IT'S OVER 3000!

"Holy shit," hisses Wes with a quiet ferocity. "It's over three-thousand!"

"The meme is nine-thousand, Wes," David corrects dryly. "It's over nine-thousand."
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