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This masterpost will no longer be updated. Please direct your fics and art to this comm. Thank you! ♥

Kurt's twin = Kent, Cameron, or Bernard
Blaine's twin = Everett or David

/ = cest
+ = non-cest


[1] What is with all the twin stuff? (Klainerific)
[2] Fashion and the Hummel Twins (Klainerific)
[3] Incest and Acceptance: a short response to the Incest-hate that's cropped up in response to the Handerson Fourgy (Kissedmequiteinsane)
[4] Kent and Kurt headcanon
[5] Cameron and Kurt headcanon
[6] Blaine steals clothes from Everett

[1] Blaine helps Everett. (Everett/OFC, Blaine/Everett) by Threepwillow
[2] Everett learns that Blaine and Kurt kissed. (Blaine/Kurt, unrequited Blaine/Everett) by Rrrowr
[3] Everett and Kurt meet for the first time. (Everett/Kurt, Blaine/Kurt) by Rrrowr
[4] Kurt is transferring and Cameron is just finding out. (Kurt+Cameron) by Youmayloveme
[5] A kiss~ (Blaine/Kurt, Everett/Kurt) by Threepwillow
[6] It's Kurt and Bernard's birthday! They want their present now. (Kurt/Bernard/Blaine/David) by Insanityland
[7] Everett and Blaine argue in the wake of the Gap Attack. (Blaine+Everett) by Pyroclast
[8] Everett and Blaine talk with Kurt in NBK. (Blaine+Everett+Kurt) by Pyroclast
[9] Kurt's having a little problem adjusting his wardrobe to the hickeys. (Blaine/Kurt/Everett, Kurt/Cameron) by Threepwillow
[10] Scenes from all of Glee S1 and 2 redone with Hummel twins. (Blaine/Kurt eventually, Kurt+Cameron) by Phantom of a Rose
[11] The Anderson and Hummel twins go on a picnic. A sexy picnic. (Kurt/Blaine/Cameron/Everett) by Threepwillow
[12] The first porn! (Everett/Blaine) by Carlyann
[13] Blaine and Everett kiss in front of Kurt! (Blaine/Everett) + manip! by Johntravoltage
[14] Poor Cameron. Cameron tries to get Kurt to take a study break. (Blaine/Kurt, Cameron/Kurt) by Halona85
[15] Continuation of the above story. (Cameron/Kurt/Blaine) by Halona85
[16] Blaine and Everett before transferring to Dalton. (Blaine/Everett) by Hell0nerdy
[17] Blaine and Everett at Rachel's V-Day party. + manip! (Blaine/Everett/Kurt) by Johntravoltage
[18] Blaine is being slow. Cameron "helps." (Kurt/Blaine) by Cozychair
[19] "Anything but Alone" (Blaine/Cameron/Everett/Kurt) by Totalspiffage
[20] "In the Silence" (Blaine/Cameron/Everett/Kurt) by Violateallthelove
[21] "Two of Those Too" Everyone finds out that there's twins involved. (Blaine/Kurt+Everett+Cameron) by Myfirstkliss
[22] Threesome porn with cockrings! Always A+ (Blaine/Kurt/Everett) by 8ways
[23] Blaine and Cameron try to help Kurt develop his sexy face. (Blaine/Kurt, Cameron/Kurt) by Threepwillow
[24] RPF, Darren finds Chris' twin unexpectedly. (Darren+Chris) by 8ways
[25] Kurt's kept a lot of secrets -- Cameron for one, Karofsky for another. So has Blaine. (Kurt/Blaine) by Snowdarkred
[26] Continuation of the above story. (Kurt/Blaine+Cameron+Everett)

[1] Threesome art. NSFW (Blaine/Kurt/Everett with no apparent 'cest) by 8ways
[2] SFW (Everett+Blaine) by Maywoodpreston
[3] Everett's insisting on helping a reluctant Blaine. Humorous. SFW. (Blaine/Everett) by 8ways
[4] Kurt gets cozy with the Anderson twins. Possibly NSFW, though no nudity. (Kurt/Blaine/Everett) by Linneaborealis

[1] Just a clarification on who loves scarves and who loves football among the twins. (Blaine+Everett+Kurt+Cameron) by Anythingbutloudirtylittlefreak
[2] Blaine wants to sing a duet with... (Blaine/Everett) by Youmayloveme
[3] Blaine wants to sing his duet with Kurt. Cameron is shocked! (Blaine/Kurt, Blaine/Cameron) by Goodolmoon
[4] Sad Hummel twins. (Cameron+Kurt) by Goodolmoon
[5] Killer!Hummel twins. (Cameron+Kurt) by Blackbird--fly
[6] The Hummel twins judge Blaine post-Gap Attack. (Cameron+Kurt+Blaine) by Goodolmoon
[7] The Anderson twins are having an argument in the coffee shop. (Everett+Blaine) by Goodolmoon
[8] Significant looks? idek. (Cameron+Everett+Kurt+Blaine) by Goodolmoon
[9] ORIGINAL. What if Blaine had a twin? (Everett+Blaine) by Looking-forever
[10] Cameron and Kurt in their cheerleading uniforms. (Cameron+Kurt) by Thekliss
[11] Cam and Kurt arguing with dad over Family Night. (Cameron+Kurt) by Goodolmoon
[12] Killer Anderson twins. (Everett+Blaine) by Goodolmoon
[13] Cameron and Kurt get the sex talk from Burt. (Cameron+Kurt) by Formankind
[14] "I am Number Fourgy" Movie poster for Kurt/Blaine/Cameron/Everett. by Anythingbutloudirtylittlefreak
[15] Cam and Kurt talking about Rachel while she's right there. (Cam+Kurt) by Formankind
[16] More Killer Andersons~ (Blaine+Everett) by Warblerinfections
[17] Blaine and Everett kiss. (Blaine/Everett) + fic! by Johntravoltage
[18] Little Kurt and Cameron! (Kurt+Cameron) by Thekliss
[19] Double date! (Blaine/Cameron/Everett/Kurt) by Goodolmoon
[20] Gif of the Hummel twins judging Blaine post Gap Attack. (Blaine+Kurt+Cameron) by Goodolmoon
[21] The Hummel twins seducing the Anderson twins. (Blaine/Cameron/Everett/Kurt) by Smuchshypush
[22] The Anderson twins are not amused. by Klainelicious-
[23] Kurt's room vs Cameron's room (Kurt/Blaine, Cameron/Everett) by Musiclover48
[24] Kiss! (Kurt/Cameron) by Hell0nerdy
[25] Blaine and Everett want some warm milk for Christmas. (Blaine/Everett/Kurt) by Warblerinfections
[26] How can you say no to the Anderson twins? by Formankind
[27] Serial killers Everett and Cameron standing at Blaine and Kurt's grave. by Warblerinfections
[28] The Anderson twins and Kurt go to see one of Cameron's games. by Formankind
[29] Simply put, Blaine is in love. It's not with Everett. (Blaine/Everett, Blaine/Kurt/Cameron) by Warblerinfections
[30] Kurt and Cameron draw a heart around the ones they love! (Blaine/Cameron/Everett/Kurt) by Paronomastic
[31] More 'cest kissing! (Blaine/Everett) by cracktastic
[32] The Anderson twins are flirtatious. (Blaine/Everett/Cameron/Kurt) by smuchshypush
[33] Blaine and Everett at Rachel's V-Day party. + fic! (Blaine/Everett/Kurt) by Johntravoltage
[34] Everyone's helping Kurt make sexy faces. (Blaine/Everett/Cameron/Kurt) by Paronomastic
[35] Everett catches Kurt and Blaine. (Kurt/Blaine) by Avatar-on-ice
[36] Evertt and Blaine detect a little jealousy! (Blaine/Cameron/Everett/Kurt)
[37] Blaine and Everett having a moment. "Oh ho ho ho" (Blaine/Everett) by Avatar-on-ice
[38] Parvarotti also has a twin! by Paronomastic
[39] Blaine and Everett. (Blaine+Everett) by Nerdypopculture
[40] Kurt wants to sing his duet with Cameron. Santana has something to say about that. (Kurt+Cameron) by Aduck8myshoes
[41] Kurt and Cameron see Blaine and Everett perform for the first time. (Blaine/Everett/Kurt/Cameron) by TheKliss
[42] Blaine points out his brother's questionable performance in the Gap, to Kurt's utter horror. (Kurt+Blaine+Everett) by Questionable-Morals
[43] If you want to know what Blaine's thinking, Everett is the one you ask. At the moment, Everett knew he was about to become very familiar with Katy Perry's discography. (Kurt/Blaine) by Questionable-Morals
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