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Title: The Luckiest
Rating: G
Summary: Thad was looking for talent for the Warblers. Then Blaine happened.

Thad was having a very good, very productive day.

Club money was plentiful, David already had performances for the semester on the calendar, and Wes was calling in one-by-one the host of new students who had signed up for auditions with the Warblers. Several of those students even showed some promise. They were all casual, confident boys, easily welcoming and unashamed, but with their lead singer having graduated this summer, Thad knew that the council was looking for something with a bit more spark.

So far, That hadn't seen that.

Then Blaine walked in. He was sort of... small. His shoulders were hunched a little with nerves and his fingers tangled in front of waist, fidgeting and clenching while he looked around the room. He was absolutely wild-eyed as his gaze finally rounded toward the council table. Cute, Thad thinks idly before looking down at his papers, where Blaine's name is typed above a blank space for his notes.

"Hi," said Wes. "Blaine Anderson?" He smiled when Blaine nodded quickly. Wes gestured for Blaine to begin. "Whenever you're ready."

Blaine nods again and then shakes himself out a few times before taking a two sharp steps forward. He closes his eyes and turns his head to the side, breathing slow and deep and full. When he looks back toward the council table again, his mouth opens and his gaze is angled slightly upward. His voice rolls out, rich and deep and just a little shaky.

Wes sits back in his seat. David looks up from his notes with narrowed eyes. Though they haven't said anything, Thad can recognize what they're thinking: that Blaine is good and that he might even be good enough to be lead singer if they can help him get over what appears to be a painful case of stage fright.

When Blaine is done, he fidgets with his feet -- quietly scuffing the toe of his shoe against the hard wood floors -- and after Wes thanks him for his performance, Blaine smiles a little. It's a soft smile, pleased and shy and brief in that it hardly lingers as Blaine slips out the door.

"What do you guys think?" Wes asks. His gaze is stuck at the exit Blaine took.

"He needs some work," David says.

"No more than any other Warbler has ever needed work," Wes counters. "His voice is good. He'll make good competition when we have auditions for our competition solos." David hums a small affirmative, and together, they look at Thad. 

Thad taps his pen against his paper, unaccountably restless. "I like him."

"Yes," Wes agrees and then claps Thad on the shoulder. "Why don't you speak to him?"


So Thad goes to speak with him after the auditions are over. Most of the students have scattered, but Blaine has luckily lingered around to speak with some of the regular Warblers. Taking the opportunity to observe him, Thad's just a little surprised to see that his first impression was generous. Blaine is short, yes, but he's so clearly dwarfed by some of the Warblers that it's humorous. He seems hardly tamable despite that, however, because his voice rings loud and true in the commons area and his laugh arcs over the rumbling chuckles of the other singers. There are still elements of the nervous performer from earlier: his hands twisting at his sides and the uncertain twist of his brows.

"Blaine?" Thad calls. "May I speak with you?"

Blaine does something then -- something so absolutely charming that Thad blinks at its naturalness. He smiles at Thad and then turns back to the Warblers and while he's smoothing his hand over the buttons of his blazer, Blaine dips ever so slightly forward and says, "If you'll excuse me," before heading in Thad's direction. It's such a classy move -- one that Thad appreciates because he sees it so rarely, especially out of boys in their age group -- that he can't help but stare and soak in everything that makes up Blaine Anderson.

Thad's meant to make small talk. He's meant to find out more about Blaine's interest in the Warblers and his expectations of his time at Dalton before extending the invitation to join. Instead, he abandons propriety altogether and blurts out, "You're amazing," in this fluttery awful voice that's embarrassing.

Blaine's expression goes from abrupt surprise to quiet pleasure. "Thanks," he replies brightly. "I was so nervous, though."

"You really were," Thad tells him. "But we liked you a lot."

Here -- here is where it changes for Thad, when it adds a quiet desire to the steady beat of admiration: Blaine looks up at Thad with these big, open, pleading eyes and his voice, when he finally speaks, is all unbridled hope and longing.

"Really?" Blaine asks. A hesitant smile works around his mouth.

Thad has seen a lot of guys that have transferred to Dalton for one reason or another, but never with such obvious need tempered by caution. "So, I'm wondering, is there a song that..." Thad shrugs a little and can't quite make eye contact with the joy slowly spreading through Blaine's expression. "A song that maybe you've always wanted to sing?"

Blaine's quiet for a beat. "Well, there's this one song," he starts. "It's not really suitable for an a capella performance, though."

"The Warblers will find a way to do it," Thad assures him because when faced with Blaine's tentative wants, he absolutely wants to give him him everything. "We'd be happy to have you sing it with us."

"What?" Blaine's obviously startled, but even as his brows are wrinkling together in confusion, unfettered joy spreads across his face like a tidal wave. "You're kidding!"

Thad can't stop from grinning. "I'm not kidding. It's official, if you want it."

"Of course!"

Unexpectedly, Blaine swoops in to hug him, and Thad's stuck with his arms sticking out awkwardly while Blaine squeezes him around the ribs and grins. It's just a few seconds where they stay like that -- with Blaine's fingers digging into Thad's back and his face pressing hard into the dip of Thad's shoulder -- but in those few seconds, Blaine's happiness is infectious.

"Sorry!" Blaine backs off just when Thad's starting to feel comfortable enough to start hugging back. "I just --"

"It's fine." Thad smiles because he can't seem to stop. Blaine is practically vibrating with happiness. "Our first meeting is Wednesday evening in the music room on the third floor. I'll see you then?"

"Yes!" Blaine says. "Absolutely!" Then he seems to reign himself by placing a hand over his blazer buttons. A slim smile stays on his lips, however. "Until Wednesday then."

"Until then," Thad agrees and watches as Blaine turns and walks away.

He would think the excitable boy had been completely tucked away, but just as Blaine gets to the end of the hallway, his step takes on a little hop to it. Thad tilts his head to the side, helpless to stop his smile when he sees Blaine splay his hands to either side and spin in the archway, a cheerful little tune slipping through the air just loud enough for Thad to make out the words.

Now I see it every day. I know that I am... I am the luckiest.


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